From the very beginning. Our mission has been to create quality sustainable garments in the most ethical and responsible way. To this end we integrate sustainability into everything we do by making specific choices.

Using organic cotton from the very beginning of Wituka's birth has always been a priority. Collaborating fairly with designers around the world and contributing to the reforestation of the planet are other key elements in our philosophy. As you know, we recently planted our first million trees.

In addition, we have always relied on a fair price without a notorious profit margin, for us our products have a higher value than the price actually is. But we believe that you, who trusted us and helped us to extend our brand, do not deserve to pay an exorbitant mark-up for our products.

Year 2021-2022. The philosophy continues, but circumstances change.
We are forced to raise the price of the T-shirts due to the increase in organic cotton, the production stoppage and the shortage of organic cotton together with the increase in transport and energy prices have meant that we could no longer resist something that was costing us a lot.

The increase is not very disproportionate, the T-shirts go to 14,90€ and the sweatshirts to 32,90€.

A price that we hope to be able to maintain for a long time and even lower if circumstances improve for everyone. A price that we believe is still very attractive and that we will accompany with promotions and gifts as much as we can. For starters we are giving away a cosmetic bag valued at €7.9 for every purchase over €25. In the future we will continue to create different promotions for you.

We will continue to strive to offer you cool products and designs, using sustainable materials, collaborating with designers and planting trees in disadvantaged countries.

We count on you!

Wituka Team
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