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Celebrate Earth Week, with all T-shirts at 12€

Wituka joins Earth Week with a promotion on its organic cotton T-shirts.

Committed to its values of reforestation and sustainability through its 100% organic cotton products, Wituka joins Earth Week and offers a special promotion: all its 100% organic cotton t-shirts, with screen-printed designs created by artists, will be available for only 12 euros throughout the week.

Organic Cotton: Caring for the Planet with Every Fiber

Organic cotton is a conscious choice that goes beyond fashion; it is a statement of commitment to the environment. Unlike conventional cotton, which is often saturated with toxic chemicals, organic cotton is grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. This not only protects farmers and consumers from harmful exposures, but also preserves biodiversity and soil fertility.
One of the main environmental impacts comes from the intensive use of water during cotton cultivation, that's why at Wituka we are committed to using organic cotton in our garments that uses up to 3 times less water in its cultivation.


Unique Designs, Art in Motion

Each Wituka organic cotton t-shirt is not only soft to the touch and comfortable to wear, but also features screen-printed designs created by independent artists, crediting and publicizing their work.
These designs add a touch of originality and artistic expression to each garment, making it more than just a t-shirt.

Planting Hope: Partner in Reforestation

In addition to promoting organic cotton and art, the brand collaborates with the Eden Project, a partnership to reforest and restore ecosystems around the world. This collaboration counteracts carbon emissions by offering social opportunities to local people in areas suffering from deforestation.



Join the Sustainable Fashion Movement

Celebrate Earth Week with Wituka and join the sustainable movement. Discover a wide range of 100% organic cotton t-shirts with unique artistic designs, all available for only 12 euros for this week only.
Every order is a vote for a greener world, with your help we will reach 1.5 million trees planted this year, will you stand by and watch? join us!


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